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April 15, 2021

Providing unoccupied commercial property cover

At Q Underwriting we are here to support brokers looking to build a balanced portfolio of business with us, as an example with our recently launched Property Owners product we can accommodate more challenging risks, to include unoccupied premises, as part of that relationship.

Even though lockdown restrictions are easing in the UK, the impact of COVID-19 has had a major impact on commercial property owners, as they struggle to find and maintain tenants. Increased numbers of properties are still sitting empty due to the cessation or temporary closure of businesses or companies adopting a flexible working approach, requiring less commercial property space as staff permanently split working between their home and the office.

With this trend, we are already beginning to see an increased demand for unoccupied commercial property cover, which we anticipate will be sustained as we get back to some form of normality.

Whilst discussing the needs and requirements of their clients, it would be prudent to advise them of some of the pitfalls which may not necessarily spring to mind.

For example, under the 1957 or 1984 Occupiers Liability Act commercial property owners are liable for injury to trespassers on their property. This is therefore an additional reason, aside from the obvious ones, why it is essential that unoccupied buildings are kept as secure as possible and with the correct levels of insurance coverage in place.

Given the nature of these risks, it is regarded by many within the insurance market as high hazard, as such many within the industry feel a tailored solution is required. As a direct consequence of this, brokers will need to partner with an underwriter experienced in this niche market, who can provide the necessary protection for their unoccupied commercial property clients.

Q Underwriting’s Property Owners Product is underwritten by Q Protect, our dedicated specialist Property & Package underwriting team, and is backed by A rated capacity in ERGO UK Speciality, a Munich Re company.

Our Property Owners product is great for risks which need underwriter support. Our team has extensive property underwriting experience and will take a bespoke approach to every risk and are empowered to work with brokers to design the right package of covers for all clients.

For further information on our Property Owners product contact the underwriting team on 0330 058 9862 and send quotation requests to or submit your enquiry through Qtrade, where it will be passed onto an underwriter.

Read more about Q Protect Property Owners or download the handy Product Overview.

Duncan Scott
Head of Underwriting Operations – Property and Package
07522 229684