Commission and risk transfer

Commission and Risk Transfer

Please note, standard credit terms are 30 days unless agreed in writing otherwise.

Casualty & Construction
Core Product TargetCarrierStandard broker commissionRisk Transfer
Combined LiabilityAXA20%Yes
Contractors CombinedAXA17.50%Yes
Excess Liability CombinedZurich20%Yes
Land & Property Owners LiabilityAXA20%Yes
Tradesman & Professionals PackageAXA20%Yes
Legal ExpensesMarkelOptional CoverYes
Core Product TargetCarrierStandard broker commissionRisk Transfer
Day DriverAviva10%Yes
Executive SingleAviva10%Yes
Legal ExpensesARC10%Yes
Motor Trade CombinedTravelersVariableYes
Motor Trade (Road Risks)Aviva15%Yes
RAC BreakdownRAC10%Yes
Taxi FleetAviva10%Yes
Taxi LiabilityAviva10%Yes
Taxi SingleAviva10%Yes
Truck Mini FleetAviva10%Yes
Property & Package
Core Product TargetCarrierStandard broker commissionRisk Transfer
Block of FlatsAxa20%Yes
Charity CombinedAviva15%Yes
Commercial CombinedAXA17%Yes
Commercial Loss RecoveryLorega15%Yes
Faith CombinedAviva20%Yes
Management LiabilityAxa25%Yes
Motor Trade CombinedTravelers18.5%Yes
Motor TradeAllianz18.5%Yes
Office & SurgeriesAxa20%Yes
PA (Clubguard)Axa20%Yes
Property OwnersAxa20%Yes
Property OwnersErgo UK Specialty Ltd20%Yes
Recruitment CombinedAviva15%Yes
Recruitment CombinedMS Amlin15%Yes
Recruitment CombinedTravelers15%Yes

Not all products are available to all brokers depending on insurer arrangements, contracts and legacy circumstances.
These are our standard commissions, however these do vary both up and down depending on circumstances and are provided as a guide only.
Cobra Underwriting Agencies is a dedicated MGA for Cobra Network members. Commission information is available upon request via Cobra Network.

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